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Life get's busy for us all, especially when it comes to not only learning, but implementing the RIGHT things to do when it comes to our finances. That's the whole reason Kuvera is here... We serve as a platform to help people accelerate their lives financially; offering a powerful suite of services that helps people create a wealth life balance. Whether you want to have an expert do all of the work for you, or you're ready to become a financial guru yourself, Kuvera has you covered in all facets of financial wellness, education, and technologies. Learn more today!


What if you could leverage the skillset of expert traders to put your money to work in the financial markets?

FXone, one of Kuvera most interactive products gives you the opportunity to leverage the knowledge of financial market experts, without having to become one yourself!

Our experts do all the research and analysis and deliver that information to you via digital newsletters and live forex/binary options sessions.

Ready to let the PRO's bring you in on their secrets?

Introducing CRYPTOone

CRYPTOone lets the average person as well as the educated investor dive into the crypto currency markets.

By leveraging education, trade alerts, live session and more.

Learn as little or as much as you want, you have the control!


Crypto Mining is one of Kuvera’s newest and most unique products.

Kuvera has partnered with experts in the field of cryptocurrency mining and invested into state of the art cryptocurrency mining equipment in Romania and Iceland. As a result, cryptocurrency mining equipment is now available to Kuvera customers.

These unique mining packs provide hardware, installation, maintenance, firmware optimization and energy costs.
Money Management Benefits:
Find More Money!
Tax Deduction Benefits:
Keep More Money!

Personal Finance

Simplify your finances by seeing all your accounts in one place.

Link bank accounts to see daily transactions, automatically categorized for easy identification.

Know where your money is going - see how it breaks down by category.

Keep spending in check by creating budgets or using the auto-budgeting feature.

View your spending trends at a glance so you can save for the things you want.

See all your debts in one place and use the debt reduction tools to pay them off faster.

Track your net worth.

Set financial goals and track your progress as you work to achieve them.
Income Opportunity Benefits:
Grow More Money!
Kuvera Also Gives It's Members The 'Leveraged Opportunity' To Take Advantage Of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Best-Selling Author Robert Kiyosaki's CASH FLOW QUADRANT!
So as you can see from the diagrams above... You should want to get to the "right side" of the quadrants as quick as possible... For that is truly where FREEDOM in life is found for you and your family... But unfortunately though, there is Good News and there is Bad News...
The Bad News is: Many people NEVER get to the "right side"
The Good News is: You NOW have 'the vehicle' to get there!
So Here's The Deal... It's Really Simple... When You Share  Kuvera... You Can Get Your Membership For FREE!
Refer 3 And Yours Is FREE! 
And it doesn't stop there either... As you share, others will follow your lead and share too... For others will want to get their Kuvera membership for FREE also! This is how the powerful world of networking works... And there's an old saying in Network Marketing... "Compensation Drives Behavior"... Meaning, since there's an "incentive involved in sharing our program", then everybody will do it! And the best part is, it doesn't stop there with just 3 people! As more and more of your people share, your organization gets bigger and bigger! As the chart below suggest, you can go from making an extra $500.00 a month RESIDUAL INCOME from Kuvera, to $1,000.00, $2,000.00, $9,000.00, $25,000.00, all the way up to $6-Figure Income Monthly! Not to mention the extra incentives with the WG Luxury Benefits and Rewards you'll receive!

Now just imagine if you will what that will do for your FUTURE and your FORTUNE! Imagine how much more money you can reinvest back into your Trading and Cryptocurrencies so that it can compound soo exponentially!

Do you see it? Do you get the picture now how wealth is amassed?

Kuvera indeed is a Powerful Vehicle for your "Road To Success" and Generational Wealth! For there has NEVER been in all of Network Marketing History a "Product" that potentially produces Cash Flow for the end customer... A "Product That Makes Money Autonomously Even While You Sleep"... 
The "1 Core Thing" that Kuvera caters to our members "Makes You Money".

There is absolutely No Need For Recruiting... Yes I said that right!

That's OPTIONAL and totally up to you... But WE at Kuvera would like to go the extra mile and fund your trades; fund your brokerage account, if and when you decide to join us and share our message and cause with others to change the world... One person at a time... One investor at a time... 

For unfortunately, this is NOT  taught in the school system!

Come Learn While You Earn! Generate Wealth, Life, & Balance at Kuvera!

Don't Wait... Take advantage of this "Special Offer" NOW!
Here's The Step-By-Step Signup Process Below... 
We Follow The K.I.S.S. Method (Keep It Super Simple) 
  •  Enrollment: This is the 1st Step in your joining process. After you have selected U.S. or International for your market, then Select DISTRIBUTOR or leave it blank. The difference is the $50 cost (per year) that allows you to take part of Kuvera's Bonus Plan; which is the "Preferred Member" choice.
  •  ProductsThis 2nd Step shows the entire Kuvera Products Suite. Each shows the price, what's included within the package, and the volume you will receive. Subscriptions range from the CRYPTOone, the FXone Pack, and the ALL IN Pack, which combines all the packages in one! (not only is this the best value, but you also receive 3 more additions that are not included in the other subscriptions: The RYZE, Equity, and Startups). 
  • And also note, the top right of the screen shows your cart items value. You should simply add your package to your shopping cart then continue on filling out your personal info. 
  • Subscription: This 3rd Step shows your Monthly Subscription price, what's included within the package, and the volume you will receive monthly for your PV. You should see your subscription selected below.
  • Information: Now you've arrived at the 4th Step, the Information Step. The "Enroller" name at the top is who "referred you" to join Kuvera (for instance, my name, Maurice Trimble Jr. 133168, should be at the top of your page when you arrive here, for I will be the one to help you build your business). Also make sure you fill out all the fields correctly, click the 4 check boxes at the bottom, then continue on. (also make sure you Read and Agree the following Legal Documents: Kuvera Purchase Terms and Conditions and Independent Generator Agreement).
  •  Payment: This 5th Step is the last location you'll arrive to input information, for here is where you'll submit your payment method to get started. You'll notice when you select Credit Card, a popup appears for you to fill out your Info. (but the other options will not, for SafetyPay (USD) and Wire Transfer have the own requirements you'll see below). Just follow the directions of whichever payment method you choose, and make sire you review that everything is correct, then make your payment.  (for more info and clarity on this, contact Corporate at (888) 778-5372 between the Hours of Operation 10am-7pm EST).
  •  Confirmation: This will be your reference to keep as you'll be assigned your receipt, your new Independent Generator Distributor # (or Member ID #), along with your Kuvera Products. Also make sure to check your email for a notification from the Kuvera Team. Welcome to Kuvera!
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